Thank you for all your work: the canvassing. The calls. The meetings, the mailings. The strategic advice! The positivity! The running around with signs and literature. The fundraising. All for the most excellent cause of improving our school district and our community. This is important work, and I so appreciate my friends and volunteers who are committed to the highest educational ideals and standards. We ran a clean, informative, effective campaign, and we are going to do good things for Concord. Together. Thanks again, & let's stay in touch. Liza

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My name is Liza Poinier and I'm running for Concord School Board — District B (Wards 5, 6, 7). My husband (Bruce Clendenning) and I are South End residents, and we have two children — Audrey and Elliot — in 2nd and 4th grade at Abbot-Downing School.

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I’m running for School Board because I strongly believe in the overarching goal of ensuring that every student, from (full-day) kindergarten through senior year, has equal access to a quality educational experience that gets them ready to face the world.

No matter what age or stage of life you are, and no matter whether you have children or grandchildren in Concord, you have a stake in our public schools. A great school system attracts new families and businesses to the community and increases property values, which in turn expands the tax base and strengthens the city.

I worked at Intown Concord before, during, and after the Main Street Project, and I spent years as a communications specialist for a variety of companies and nonprofits as well as the NH Fish and Game Department. From these 25 years of professional experiences in many fields, I feel confident with big projects and budgets, and I understand the importance of problem-solving and establishing priorities. I know how to bring people together to navigate big changes, with a focus on collaboration and communication.

Concord’s public schools are pretty great — awesome kids, committed educators, and a school community that does its best to support every child. So why is it important to be on the school board? Here are the things that are important to me as a parent and community member:

  • Ensuring that every child continues to have equal access to learning, no matter their ability/disability, family situation/background, or socioeconomic status.
  • Pursuing the possibilities for early childhood education, including full-day kindergarten, so that all Concord kids start elementary school on equal footing.
  • Supporting our educators so that we can attract and retain the best teacher talent.
  • Working with the community to shape the new middle school, so that the facility meets the needs of today’s tweens and teens AND can readily adapt to the needs of students for decades into the future.
  • Actively working with the high school on their successful college and career readiness initiatives.
  • Encouraging more recess/outside time and adequate time for lunch in all public schools.
  • Being responsible with Concord residents’ funds, while acknowledging that education is a public good, with confidence that our investments now in today’s students will result in great rewards for the city and the community for a very long time.

The Concord School Board has a lot of important decisions to make in the next couple of years, and I hope to earn the opportunity to represent District B in the deliberations. Thanks for voting on November 7.

If you'd like to help with my campaign or get in touch for any reason, I can be reached at liza [at] thefloweroutfit [dot] com, 603-513-2263, or 6 Morton St. in Concord NH. My LinkedIn and Facebook links are over there -->

When I was 5, my principal told me the meaning of the word “kindergarten” in German. A garden of children. And ever since, I’ve been inspired by schools, where children are nurtured and learn and grow together. Thanks for being a part of my campaign -- we can make a difference!